What is Primal Fit?

Primal Fit Miami is a LIMITED capacity small group fitness studio located in North Miami serving an upscale, driven, serious clientele of business owners, managers, professionals and high achievers from Miami and South Florida. We are the “anti-gym” for those who want a more complete and individualized approach to their health and fitness.

Comparison Chart

Primal Fit Miami primal-logo CrossFit Big Box Gym 1 on 1 Personal Trainer
100% Certified trainers yes ? ? ?
Accountability yes no no yes
Individualized attention yes no no yes
Focus on Injury Prevention yes no no yes
Private yes no no yes
FUN Creative Exercises with Low learning curve yes no no no
Structured Environment yes yes no yes
Member Group Outings yes yes no no
(BBQ’s, Happy Hours, Cool Events) yes yes no no
Exercise Science Background yes no no ?
Quarterly Transformation and Fitness Challenges yes no no no
Free Nutritional Coaching and Compliance yes no yes no
Customer Appreciation Events (Fun!) yes yes no no
Free Seminars and Workshops yes no ? no
Owned By Author & Local Fitness Celebrity yes no no no
Coach to Member Ratio 1:4 1:15+ 1:???+ 1:1
Price: As low as $40 per session! $120-$200+ per month $20-$40/Month $80-$100 per session
Best Value Yes No Heck No No

Is Primal Fit Miami a Good Match for You?

We are not for everyone. We are not cheap. We are not passive.

You are an individual, not everyone. You want high value and know you get what you pay for. You want results through action not passivity.

If we just described you, then call (305) 392-0624 or fill out the form below to see if there are any slots open or if we have a waiting list. If there is an open slot, Matt will personally review your goals and share how we can meet or exceed them here at Primal Fit Miami.

Primal Fit Miami is More Than Just a Fitness Facility!

  • Customer Appreciation Events (Fun!)
  • Quarterly Transformation and Fitness Challenges
  • Member Group Outings (BBQ’s, Happy Hours, Cool Events)
  • Well Rounded Approach Beyond Just the Workout (lifestyle and food advice)
  • Great Network of Members Who Are Busy Professionals Like You

Ready to invest in yourself? Contact us now at 305-392-0624 or use the form below to learn more about options tailored just for you!

We will return your inquiry in 24 hours or less (often same day). Limited slots are available and there may be a waiting list. Don't delay.

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