Primal Fit Miami is run by Matt Pack, a leading fitness expert who has helped thousands of South Florida busy professionals improve their health, lifestyle, and fitness performance.

As a Primal Fit Miami client we assist you to eliminate distractions and focus on achieving the results you define. You basically “outsource your training” to us, the professionals, which is what all successful people do in every realm of their lives.

You don’t perform your own surgeries or act as your own lawyer or dentist do you? So why would anyone treat the designing of their workouts any differently?

If you want to reach the highest level of your potential in the shortest amount of effort, you simply can’t do it on you own. Nobody ever does. Not in sports, not in business and not in fitness either. You need support, coaching and the help of pros.

Matt’s Story and Mission

Matt PackMatt Pack of Primal Fit Miami has helped thousands of people improve their health, lifestyle, fitness and physical performance. He draws from 13 years of experience in health and exercise instruction, sports conditioning and nutrition lifestyle management.

Additionally Matt is skilled in exercise program design, nutrition and menu planning, functional movement screening and assessment, core conditioning and biosignature modulation-body fat analysis. Matt is also well-versed in olympic and power lifting, strong man training, mixed martial arts conditioning, kettlebell training, 5K run preparation, functional/stability training and sports specific training.

In Matt’s Own Words:

I started Impack Total Fitness January, 1st 1998 while living in Washington, DC. I now reside in sunny Miami, Florida. In addition to my TV spots and helping clients at Primal Fit Miami, I also travel to a handful of in-home clients in South Florida as well as writing programs for my online distance coaching clients. My goals were the same back in DC as they are here in Miami, “Get Results”. How do I get results? First of all I study other people who get results. In addition to having gone to school for Exercise Science, I have been coached by Mike Boyle, Dr. Mel Siff, Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek, Carlos Santana, Dr. John Berardi, Dr. Eric Serrano, Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale and Lyle Mcdonald, Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson. All of these individuals have instilled great knowledge in me to help the people I come in contact with on a daily basis. So my mentors, seminars, workshops, internships and countless hours of training myself have enabled me to help my clients get results.

Matt’s Qualifications

Matt is also available for public speaking opportunities. Click here to learn more about booking Matt to speak.

Why Primal Fit Miami and Working with Matt is Different

It takes The THREE D’s, Desire, Discipline and Determination. The three D’s and a lot of commitment is the key to long-term results, health and longevity. I would consider myself to be somewhat of a holistic strength coach.

What Do We Mean By “Holistic”?

To be holistic means a well rounded and complete approach. There are steps one must incorporate into a lifestyle in order to achieve Total Health and Fitness. Without proper nutrition, water intake, weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, stress management and sleep being instituted in your fitness program, the results will be less than optimal. There is always a missing link. Whether it’s meal frequency, food quality, nutrient timing, lack of quality sleep or simply a poorly structured exercise program, I will help troubleshoot the issue and set you on the path to ultimate health.

The difference between me and other trainers and strength coaches is not only the countless hours training my clients, but also the many hours training myself. Nothing makes me more frustrated than someone teaching an exercise to someone and has never done the exercise themselves. I have been underneath the weight, felt the pain, fatigue and sweat. I know what it’s like to work hard and know what it takes to get RESULTS. So, whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior or housewife, my objectives stay the same. Use the 3 D’s along with proper nutrition, adequate water intake, stress management, resistance training, conditioning and sleep. Follow My advice and results are right around the corner, are you ready to go get em’?

See Some Photos of Us in Action

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