Nutrition 101

test-mickAAll Primal Fit Miami members are invited to Week 1 of Nutrition 101, our eight-week nutrition course starting Monday, March 10, from 7:30-9:00 pm. In Week 1, we will go over the basic tools that will help you achieve your fitness goals, whether or not you’re participating in the current challenge.

But we think that you will see that Week 1 is only the appetizer, and the rest of the Nutrition 101 is the complete meal you’ve been craving. Remember, you can’t out-train poor eating habits.

Check out the list of topics for our eight-week course:

Week 1

test-lourdesBIntroduction to the tools in the kitchen toolbox—what does everyone need to know to succeed?

Week 2

What’s in your kitchen? What should you bring in? What needs to go?

Week 3

Food and feelings—how do you make them both good?

Week 4

test-gianinaWhat’s your support system? Friends, family and food?

Week 5

After the midpoint: positive change or resistance?

Week 6

katWhat new habits have you developed and how can you refine them further? What can you do for the long term to take these weeks beyond “diet”?

Week 7

What obstacles to fitness do you still face? Do they involve long-term habits?

Week 8

What’s next? What is in your life beyond the (or until the next) challenge?

The Details

The challenge starts March 10 and this course is open to Members and Non-Members of the Primal Fit Miami Family. Join now to reserve your spot in the challenge or work with us one-on-one.

Nutrition 101

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  1. alison

    Hey Matt,
    Jorge and I are coming for the 8 week nutrition class 🙂 I”m trying to purchase tickets but it’s not working with paypal – so 2 spaces for me – Alison


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