Primal Fit Miami provides a variety of services to help you improve your health, lifestyle, and fitness performance.

Our services include (click on each to learn more):

    • Small group personal training
      Primal Fit Miami has not only chosen the Group Training format to increase the affordability to our clients but over the years training in this manner we have seen an overwhelming dedication and commitment that isn’t traditionally seen in the one-on-one setting nor in the big box gym setting.
    • One-on-one phone consulting with Matt
      Get all of your nutrition and fitness questions answered directly by Matt.
    • Nutritional Coaching
      Allow us to educate you on the “Primal” approach to eating. Before coming on board you will supply us with a 10 day Food Diary and and plenty of Health History information. We will then come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle complete with Allowable Foods, Grocery Lists, Compliance Tools and plenty of accountability. You can not out-train poor nutrition so it’s essential that you integrate our “REAL FOOD” nutritional plan to maximize and ensure Extra-ordinary results.
    • Myzone Facility
      MYZONE® improves quality of life by providing an accurate monitoring system to encourage optimal effort during physical activity.
    • Fascial Stretch therapy
      Fascial Stretch Therapy is the positive transformation of body, mind and spirit through achieving one’s flexibility potential!
    • Normetec Recovery Boots
      Sequential Pulse Technology is based on normal physiology, and it synergistically combines three distinctive massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process.
    • Ki-hara Mashing Technique
      Ki-Hara(tm) Mashing is bodywork like no other & will leave you feeling more energized, looser and quicker to recover than ever before.

The Wholly Kitchen Meal Delivery Service

Sign up for the Wholly Kitchen Organic Meal Delivery Service and receive a 15% discount for Primal Fit Miami Members. Be sure to mention us when you sign up!


Visit their website and sign up here.

Prograde Nutritional Supplements

A great analogy I like to use when it comes to supplements goes like this:

You can’t build a house (your body) with rotten wood ( poor nutrition) and expect the house to stay strong and stable with high quality expensive GOLDEN Nails (supplements).

So… supplements should “supplement” an already high quality diet. That being said supplements are important and if you’re using them they should be of “Golden Nail” type quality.

You don’t need to go crazy either. I don’t believe in spending lots of money. I recommend EVERYONE to be taking Multi-Vitamin. Next in line of importance is a good quality Fish Oil. Following the Fish Oil I recommend a “Green” Drink. No one consumes enough veggies and this particular Pro Grade “Green” anti-oxidant drink tastes fantastic. Lastly comes the Meal Replacements to be used in place of, you guessed it, a real meal. These come in handy when on the go, the weekends or traveling. Along with the Meal Replacement Shakes I also recommend MEAL Bars. Take your pick (shakes or bars) as they are really based on your preference. The most important thing is that they taste good, satiate you, are nutrient dense and they are quick and convenient.

Let me know if you have any other questions pertaining to the “wood” for your “house” and the “Golden Nails” that are holding it all together.

Learn More About the Prograde Nutritional Supplements Here.


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