Over 20 Workouts… Hundreds of Variations. The hard and intense workout you were waiting for is finally here!

fatlos-boxThe definition of insanity is to continue to do same things while expecting different results… With Fat Loss Secrets Revealed the insanity stops NOW!

These programs are designed to get large amounts of work completed in a short time frame with minimal equipment and lack of space. We’ve noticed since applying these types of programs that our clients are not only getting in great shape but they are more motivated, enthusiastic and above all enjoying exercise more than ever.

fat-loss-secrets-dvd-We believe it’s time to remove the horse blinders and break the monotony! From the 1hr old fashioned Spinning and Aerobic class to the 15-30 min of cutting edge HIIT. Science has shown that this style of training is not only superior from a fat loss stand point its superior from a heart health stand point. Fat Loss Secrets will give you the power to super charge and expand your workout arsenal! Get ready as we reveal over 30 cutting edge programs with 1000’s of training variations. You’ll break the boredom and your fitness plateaus and finally experience EXTREME FAT LOSS!

Extreme Fat Loss Includes:

  • 60 min of more than 20 “Bang for your buck” fat loss routines that are designed to be completed in 15 min or less!
  • Fun proven techniques guaranteed to maximize your potential for “extreme fat loss”
  • Cutting edge strategies featuring innovative exercises using only basic equipment
  • Programs suitable for novice to expert

This system has been proven to:

  • Maximize caloric expenditure while at rest
  • Break the monotony and make training fun again!
  • Get more work done in a shorter time frame
  • Decrease body fat faster than traditional “aerobic” training programs!

Warning!  Do not purchase unless you’re interested in:

  • Decreasing Body Fat
  • Increasing Work Capacity
  • Increasing Work-Rest Ratio
  • Increasing Motivational Levels
  • Increasing Caloric Expenditure
  • Increasing Mental Toughness
  • Increasing Competitiveness
  • Increasing Power Output
  • Increasing Anaerobic Threshold
  • Breaking the Monotony!

What makes this different from traditional body building and aerobic classes?

Firstly these programs are full body workouts designed to tax all 3 energy systems. This style of training has copious amounts of research that PROVES it more effective in torching body fat and elevating metabolic rate for up to 24 hours after you workout!

What about traditional steady state aerobics?

The runner on the left only does steady state running and other aerobics; the runner on the right does zero “aerobic” work.
This method is grossly over used and over rated!

Sure if you’re de-conditioned a several week phase of steady state running will help. If this style of training is done indefinitely it will lead to knee, low back and hip pains, ask any runner. This training also has many delirious effects on your body from a fat burning standpoint. Most notably is how testosterone levels can be reduced, this makes it extremely difficult at add or even maintain lean body mass.

If you incorporate the training methods in FAT LOSS SECRETES REAVLED DVD you will get your cardio without pounding the Stairmaster for 45 minutes Again studies have suggested that, that extra 30 minutes of aerobics most gym goers after there body building routine do has zero effect on body fat, yes ZERO. However, short intense burst do torch body fat. FACT

Why, how can a short intense burst of training be more effective than 30- 45 minutes on the Stairmaster?

First, you need to ignore the infamous fat burning zone!

Fat loss is not dependent on the fuel used to power the workout! It’s what happens after the session has finished what is important: metabolic rate, fat oxidation and muscle regeneration will be sky high after you completed the routines in FLSR.

Result- you become a fat burning machine not a fat storing machine!

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test-raquelRaquel B.

I was 50 pounds overweight at age 40, depressed and very tired. My husband kept asking me “Where is the girl that I married?” I knew that I had to do something and it was going to have to be today, not tomorrow!

I hired a great personal trainer, Matt Pack at the Downtown Athletic Club. Not only did he train me relentlessly, but during our training sessions he talked and armed me with the powerful knowledge of good nutrition, the importance of body fat loss vs. weight loss, and the strength training to reach my goal. No amount of cardio would have gotten me from a size 16 to a size 6 in 16 short weeks! It is a journey with no pitfalls because I listened carefully and followed his personalized diet plan.

Raquel B.

test-mickAMick A.

I was over weight ever since I was a kid. I didn’t play many sports, or do much physical activity. Until I met Matt “Pack Man” Pack, then my life changed. I’ve had a few different trainers, and all of there routines are basically textbook, and all meant to be done in a gym. Matt Pack’s diversified work outs really change things up and bring a fresh new approach to the traditional physical/strength training. All the work outs usually involve hitting two or more muscle groups at the same time and usually tackle cardio as well.

In addition, Matt is very keen on tracking a client’s progress through out the time they train with him. Matt will also teaches his clients the do’s and don’ts for dieting. With all of these tools I went from being 232 pounds to a somewhat lean (still a work in progress) 183. All of the things I learned with Matt have helped me to maintain my lower body fat for a year already, and hopefully the rest of my life.

I recommend Matt Pack, and an Impack Fitness regiment to anyone who’s interested in living a healthier lifestyle, getting stronger, and losing body fat.

test-lazTLaz T.

“I am pleased to write a testimonial on my past and present experience during my training with Matt.

I attended a gym where Matt was a personal trainer. I saw him train others and liked what he delivered to his clients, but most importantly the results I saw in them. I hired Matt as my personal trainer back in late 2005.

When I started training with Matt, I did not have the capability of lifting or doing the cardio that I am able to accomplish today. My stamina has increased a great deal and because of this, I notice a tremendous change in my body as far as definition, muscle mass and fat loss. I went from weighing 167lbs to 130lbs and from a size 10 to a 4. Not only has my body changed, but also my eating habits.

Matt is also very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. That mixed up with the workout programs has caused me to be more conscientious of how I treat my body. Because of the extraordinary changes in me, my husband became inspired and now we both train five times per week (Monday thru Friday). We both look forward to our very early morning exercises.

We never get bored of our workout programs because Matt is always taking something new out of his “tool box”. He always delivers what he promises and is very conscientious and considerate about his client’s training time.

We plan to continue our personal training sessions with Matt for many more years to come.”


Fabi M.

“They say pictures are worth a thousand words… Matt Pack saved my life, plain and simple! I’m not sure how I did it, it happened so fast! Matt said,”trust me, I’m going to take care of you”, and Matt didn’t let me down.

I went from a size 16 at 205 pounds to a size 10 and 165 pounds in less than 5mo. Thanks for everything Matt!”


Lourdes B.

“Matt has showed me a new lifestyle that incorporates realistic nutrition idea’s and quick and effective exercise routines. I have now made exercising like a daily routine (you brush your teeth everyday, right). I used to hate moving and now I love to workout and go walking with my friends.

Matt, you’ll never know just how much of an IMPACK you’ve made on me and my life. I feel like I can take on the world! Thanks for everything.”


Gianina F.

One must not always think so much about what one should do, but rather what one should be.

I was 22 and every week I kept telling myself, “Next week I start a diet.” One week led to the next and I never began. I reached a point where I was so unsatisfied with my body and knew I needed a change in lifestyle. I kept wondering how I was going to recondition my figure to where I would be thrilled to get dressed. That is when I began noticing Matt Pack at the gym in my building. He was highly interested in his clients, but what astonished me was his dedication to everyone using the gym. Matt was not concerned with gaining monetary value, rather he was committed to making sure that people around him were getting the most efficient work-out. This is what attracted me to begin working out with Matt.

I telephoned Matt on August 4, 2006. After about an hour conversation, I was absolutely sure he was the right trainer for me. Our first session was August 7, 2006. When I began with Matt I was so out of shape and intimidated that I would not be able to complete the program. Matt always assured me that I could do anything and he monitored our training to make sure I would not become injured. Each session was more fun filled than the last. I would find myself wondering what drills we would have in our next meeting. Perhaps a card game, maybe “call of the wild”, or even a snatch complex. I have become to motivated with the quick results that while I was planning a trip during the holidays, I asked Matt to create a day by day plan that I could train while I was away. (I honestly completed every day’s workout.)

Matt Pack has helped me pass my 1/2 way goal in only 4 months. He is motivating and enthusiastic. Not many people have the intuition he exhibits on knowing when and how far to push his clients. Although he appears to be a big, tough trainer, Matt Pack truly is a phenomenal person that I feel has become a friend of mine. I feel that to be exceptionally successful with a trainer, a person must be able to relate to them on another level. I think Matt and I have built a relationship that has encouraged me to attain my goals and stay focused on my program and eating habits. Matt Pack has proven to me that my mistake has been trying to figure out what I should to be thin. Once I came to the realization that I should be healthy, everything seemed to come together. Thanks Matt!


Giselle H.

I began training with Matt Pack on March 21st of this year. I was approaching my 30th birthday and had decided I wanted to make a change in my life. I was ready to get in shape. I had been to the gym before and had other trainers, by my body never changed. I had accepted the fact that I would always have wide hips or chubby triceps because of my genes, and that no matter what I would try, my body would never change.

When Matt first consulted me I weighed 137 pounds. I was a size 8. After he evaluated me and took my measurements, he stated that his goal was for me to be 117 pounds. I thought he was insane! Matt has a very holistic approach. He explained to me that a healthy balanced diet, exercise, proper sleep and stress reduction are all factors for optimum health and for my body to change.

Matt developed a personalized meal plan and we began to train three times a week. Matt is a motivator, he is positive and enthusiastic and knowledgeable in his field. He truly cares about his clients progress and truly listens when you have concerns.

I am now a size 4! I have lost 11 pounds of body fat! I have lost 3 inches in my waist, 4 1/2 inches in my hips, and 3 inches in my thighs!

Because of Matt, I have made a lifestyle change which encompasses his holistic approach to nutrition and exercise. I feel confident, excited and proud about the changes I have been able to make in my life because of Matt Pack!


Maria E.

“Training with Matt gave me the confidence to trust my own body and its strength. Growing up, I did not participate in school sports or club teams. Rather, I stuck to an all-cardio routine that consisted of jazz classes in middle school and later step-aerobics in high school.

Through college, I was tied to the treadmill — running to nowhere in the gym. I continued my cardio-based routine until I met Matt. Before I started training with him, I had fallen prey to the myth that heavy weights would make me big and bulky and that I was not “athletic” so my body would not handle wearing a weight-vest or doing pull-ups. Matt helped me discover the strength of my own body. Within weeks of training with him, I was wearing a weight-vest, doing squat thrusts and pushing and pulling his Tahoe down an alley.

Matt successftest-mariaE-2ully combines an intense strength-training program with creative movements that are designed to recreate the movements in our daily lives. His personality is addictive and motivational. He practices what he preaches. Before my wedding in December, I started the “cave-man” diet and instead of simply telling me what to eat, Matt started the diet with me and others.

At my last fitting the week before my wedding, my dress had to be taken in 3 inches. I owe that difference to Matt.”

David A.
test-davidA“I began training with Matt Pack and Impack Fitness a little over a year ago. I was going to be starting the fire academy and I knew that I was not in the physical condition needed to survive the academy. I needed to gain more strength and, most important, I needed higher levels of endurance. I told Matt what I was looking for and he was more than willing to help me reach my goals. I didn’t know then, but he would even help me surpass them.

Training with Matt and Impack Fitness is nothing like the everyday gym experience. It’s never the same boring routine day in and day out. He has you do things you never thought you would do- or could do- in a training session. Some of my training sessions included flipping tires, hitting the tire with sledgehammers, truck pushes and pulls, sandbag carries, pulling sleds and doing kettle bell complexes that not only challenged me physically, but also tested my mental toughness. Matt does not simply show you how to perform a particular exercise, he also explains the science behind each exercise and how it affects your body. One of his goals, believe it or not, is to teach and give you the skills to workout on your own and know exactly what to do and why you’re doing it. This makes him very different from most personal trainers.

Matt also provides nutritional advice and will explain to you what you have been doing wrong, nutritionally, and what you need to do to eat right. He has a great website for his clients and for anyone who is interested in fitness. Matt also sets himself apart from other trainers by the fact that he is flexible when it comes to scheduling your training sessions and will work with you and your schedule.

After training with Matt I didn’t just graduate from the fire academy- I excelled at the academy. I never had to worry about being able to accomplish any physical challenge that my academy instructors threw at me. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough, but I had the advantage of having gained an increased level of physical and mental toughness that gave me the added confidence to truly succeed at the academy. Finally, the only advice I would offer to someone considering training with Matt and Impack Fitness, other than immediately setting up your first session, would be… TAKE NOTES! It’s a learning experience. Create a workout bible with everything he has you do. Believe me it’s worth it.”


Matt P.

“Let’s put it this way: I thought I knew how to work out and get in shape until I met Matt Pack. Soon after my first conversation with Matt, I realized that I had a lot to learn. Here I was, a young, lean guy thinking that the key to physical fitness was bodybuilding-style training that would allow me to look like the guys on the covers of the fitness magazines.

While I was dedicated to working out at least five days a week, I focused my training on isolation exercises that made me feel “pumped” but never improved my strength or overall physical fitness. In other words, if the Matt Pack’s knowledge of training were a book, I’d only read the equivalent of chapter one. Thanks to Matt, I learned that there was a whole lot more to strength and conditioning. With his help, I was able to make massive gains in strength as we began training squats, dead lifts, bench, militaries and Olympic lifts. Before I met Matt, I barely even knew what Power or Olympic lifts were, let alone how to perform them. After I gained confidence in those lifts, Matt encouraged me to harness my intense training style and apply it to not only strength training but to conditioning, agility and nutrition.

Over the years, I have been able to master the lifts mentioned above and have also broadened my horizons with Matt’s guidance to now include Strongman-style training, Crossfit conditioning and even some fight training. I owe nearly all meaningful things that I have learned about physical fitness to Matt Pack. Anything I’ve learned about physical training is either directly attributable to Matt or was recommended to my by him.

I would be surprised if anyone could find a better trainer, coach or motivator than Matt Pack. Though we no longer live in the same city, during many of my solo training sessions, I often think to myself “If only Matt Pack could see me know. He’d love this!” Then, despite seeming exhaustion, I’ll use it as motivation to do another set of something crazy like sandbag snatches or burpies for time. Matt, I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge, confidence and determination you’ve imparted me. Keep up the good work.”

Fitness Industry Professional Testimonials


I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of Fat Loss Secrets Revealed and I loved it! There are so many circuit variations I don’t think I’ll ever run out. What I like about the DVD is that Matt actually performs the circuits with good form and high intensity. It really takes you into the DVD and then makes you want to go to the gym right now! Great job Matt, can’t wait to torture my athletes with these innovative strength training circuits.

Jim Smith, CSCS

Tony G.

tony-gent-picOne of my criteria for whether or not I’ll recommend new fitness products to other fitness professionals is simple: applicability. Can someone take the information obtained from a certain product, and apply it to their programming right away? In the case of Fat Loss Secrets Revealed, the answer is a resounding YES! I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to make my clients hate me (in a good way) when it comes to fat loss programming. While most fat-loss products will try to persuade you into thinking that long-duration cardio and starvation diets are the way to go, Matt Pack essentially cracks open a can of whoop ass, and introduces the viewer to a multitude of complexes, circuits, and other “secrets,” using nothing but a dumbbell, barbell, or your own bodyweight, that will undoubtedly help to get you (or your clients) into the best shape of your life

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, CPT

Zach E.

zach-e-test“Do these workouts and you WILL BURN FAT and BUILD LEAN MUSCLE, no doubt about it. What’s found on Fat Loss Secrets Revealed is training that truly works and the best part is that you can do these at home!”

Zach Even – Esh
Owner, Underground Strength Gym



Matt R.

matt-roy-testMatt Pack is a true Fitness Professional. Matt is one of the hardest working, passionate and well rounded trainers in the business. He spends more time reading, researching, and training than anyone I know. With his knowledge and experience, Matt gives his clients the best chance you can possibly have to reach your goals and succeed in whatever you desire. ”

Matt Roy,


Alan S.

alien-s-test“I have known Matt for years and have always respected and appreciated his no-nonsense approach to proper training and physical development. Matt’s workouts are both physically and mentally challenging, yet still fun!”

Alan Stein
Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach


Rick G.

rickg-testI met Matt Pack about 4 years ago at the club where we were both Fitness Trainers. At the time i met Matt my business was going pretty well but the everyday routines of my clients was starting to suffer because I was getting bored with the monotony of doing the same style of training for everyone. It was during this time that Matt and I sat down and talked about various different styles of training I can use to change things up. A simple conversation like this is what brought back the passion for training my clients in a variety of ways, but also added to my arsenal for my very own training. Since this time, I have attended Kettlebell seminars, become a CrossFit affiliate and dedicated countless hours to expose myself to as many training styles as possible. I thank Matt for his time and the great resources he provided in order to get my passion for training back on track.

Rick G.

Danny “The London Legend” C.

Matt is probably the most passionate strength coach I’ve ever met. He has endless enthusiasm for the fitness business. Matt has a quest to acquire huge amounts of knowledge in many facets of fitness and wellbeing. With the products Matt is putting out bear the fruit of many years in the “trenches” and over a decade of dedicated study. You can rest assured Matts educational material will help you in the real world of fitness coaching

Danny “The London Legend” Christie,
MS, Sports Therapist, CMT, CPT

James G.

“My first experience with Matt Pack was 8 years ago when a former client of mine went searching for a truly knowledgeable trainer in the DC area. Having experienced some finest training professionals in the DC area, she passed over dozens of trainers who were respected in their field. Despite good professionalism and solid certifications, there was nothing to make them stand out above the usual, until she met Matt Pack. She called me, her former corrective exercise specialist, and said she found a guy who has knowledge to rival the ‘top 3%’ we often talked about, takes his profession seriously, and still imbues excitement while he’s doing it. Years later, as our paths met again in Miami, I found Matt Pack to fit this bill and more. I respect him so much as a trainer that I referred my family to him. I am truly proud to consider him my peer in a profession that so often lacks professionalism. Matt is not only one of the most knowledgeable and sincere professional trainers I know, but his passion and sense of humor combine to form a rare individual who is worthy of emulation. Not only have I stolen his training ideas to use with my own clients, but I try to borrow his jokes as well. Anyone who meets Matt Pack knows that his physical presence demands you to take notice while his positive energy compels you to befriend him. And that’s where I stand now, a friend of Matt Pack who cannot speak more highly of a quality fitness professional, who has the best biceps I’ve ever seen.”

James G.

Thomas S.

thomas-strong-test‘Matt Pack is the ultimate coach! I met him back in 2003 where we both attended a week long nutritional training course. It was obvious right away that he was special. Since then he’s blown me away with his knowledge and expertise. He is a leader in the field. I value his advice over all others when it comes to getting results in lightning speed. If he says do it, know that it works!’

Thomas Strong, BS, CSCS.

Dr. Breezy Padron

Dear Matt; Although i have not had the privilege to have had you as my personal trainer, all our conversations have always been revered and savored, as i have and continue to learn from the love and passion you share with nutrition, and all aspects of behaving as a healthy human being. I have slowly but surely adopted your numerous suggestions. I have carefully studied the sources you utilize to enhance optimum health, and find it amazing how in medical school we are not taught half of these things. I have implemented “becoming conscious” on eating when I’m hungry and having the correct combination of foods., no longer afraid of “fat”. I hope that all the people whom you train, and come in contact with have the ability to appreciate “the wonder and awesome nature of a human being that you are.” Thank you for sharing your knowledge and caring for me even from afar. That in itself has impacted my life, and my health.

Dr Breezy Padron

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