Here is a small list of reviews and testimonials from our personal training and group fitness training clients past and present. Results vary from individual to individual, based on a variety of factors including the effort put in by the individual.

Primal Fit Miami Member Highlight- Cool training tools!

Primal Fit Miami Member Highlight- I used to hate working out!

Member Spotlight- My Doctor Loves Primal Fit Miami

Primal Fit Miami Member Highlight- It just makes sense!

PFM Member Spotlight- I've been here 8 Years!

PFM Member Spotlight- it's hard to put a value on how it's changed my life

Move Better and decrease pain FAST!

Leaner, Happier and In the best shape of her life!!

More Energy, TIGHTER and never BORED!

For really listening, for caring enough, for understanding, for encouraging me, for letting me be scared in front of you, for making it safe to feel weak and disoriented, for teaching me I can learn from scratch and not be hurt, for making possible to take baby steps instead of huge leaps, for allowing me to grow at my own pace, for letting me have my own authority instead of having it be invalidated. For telling me less is more and I don’t have to push.

Thank you for being a human being. It has made all the difference for me in this new and very mysterious place I find myself in—loving and accepting myself and daring to have fun instead of having to prove I’m good enough all day long.

It occurred to me I’ve never been a “team” player. Always gone solo. Now I realize why, and the implications are so profound!

The last thank you is for showing me I’m worthy of playing in a team, and having a good coach who believes in me.

Alexandria Pantera

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